"Of all the variables that encourage the development of secure attachment in a child, the single most powerful one is the degree to which the child's parent has made coherent sense of his or her own story."

-Curt Thompson | The Soul of Shame


As Moms of girls, we want deep connection, don't we? But often, as they reach certain ages, the issues they face overwhelm us and our interactions are often more strained than we would like. We find ourselves frequently triggered, our reactions surprising, unaware that our story is at play. Connection with our girls starts with an understanding of our own story. 

The Fierce & Lovely Process

We feel the struggle that comes from issues and interactions. These are best addressed in community with other moms and experts. But through our engagement of these experiences, we need to look for our girl's glory. What does this [issue] or [interaction] tell us about HER? How does she reflect God in this? Through this process, we come to discover our own story and can parent ourselves as we parent her. As a result, we can have the connected relationship we desperately desire.


Mental Health. Body Image. Personality. Sexuality. 

How the two of you interact around these issues tells you so much about your daughter.

H E R  G L O R Y

As we learn to see deeply, we uncover and awaken her glory. 

Often the very thing we worry about in her immaturity, she'll offer most to the world in maturity.

Y O U R  S T O R Y

With eyes trained for story, we see our own in our mothering.

We must engage the places where our story is present and triggered with our girls for real connection.

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