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Mothering Teen Daughters is Hard

Especially when you're still discovering your own voice, overcoming your own struggles, and processing your own story.

But what if you weren't alone?

In the Fierce & Lovely Membership Community, you'll be able to:

Week 1

Replace "I don't know!" with Expert Teaching

Each month we'll address a theme and kick off interviewing an expert on the topic who will help us problem solve with our own girls!

Week 2

Replace Overwhelm with Coaching

Each month we gather as moms only for group problem solving and coaching. Moms bring questions around their own story, parenting struggles, or specific kid challenges. We record these so that all members can benefit at their own convenience.

Week 3

Replace Comparison with Connection

We gather for a virtual conversation WITH our daughters (mine included!) to discuss the monthly theme and you'll end up feeling less alone. These are on the last Sunday of the month at 7pm MST.

Week 4

Replace Stuck with Strategy

You'll receive a curated guide on the month's theme to prompt deeper conversation and connection with your daughter. View this as a designed date.

Notes of Gratitude

"I am so thankful to learn that I can give myself compassion for the past mistakes and also give my daughter compassion too. Both my daughter and I were able to begin the journey of healing together and intentionally spend time on our relationship as we move forward."

Bubbly Rajbans

This is for the Mom who wants...

  • Consistent encouragement and ideas to be intentional with her tween/teen girl. 
  • Community with other moms who are raising daughters.
  • Connection with her tween/teen rather than distance and disregard.
  • Faith infused, but not "churchy" coaching and conversation around topics such as body image, self-harm, relationship with dad, and more.
  • A way to engage her daughter in hard conversations and a model from other moms and girls.
  • Guidance in exploring her own story as it is present in her parenting.

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Bring life to your relationship with your kids.




Get the curated monthly guide each month in your email box. View these as designer dates for you and your daughter to explore a pressing issue in a deeper way.

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Monthly Guides


  • LIVE Group Calls with Daughters
  • LIVE Coaching as Moms
  • Expert Interviews
  • ALL of the Fierce & Lovely Mini-Courses
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"The live mother daughter chats have been amazing. My daughter’s fav day of the month."

Current Member

"Guided discussions and experiences have been great with kids; I love the interviews and content."

Current Member

"I have appreciated the topics being discussed and having someone guide us into a quality discussion and help deepen our relationship. Yes! Even through the awkwardness for my daughter. "

Current Member

I'm Beth Bruno, Your Host

I'm creating the community I wished I had...

As a mom of two teen girls (my son is 20), I am just like you. We talk about body image, relationships, sexuality, personality, and culture. We argue. We repair. 

For years, I searched for culturally relevant Christian parent guides. Discouraged, my husband and I wrote our own books and began speaking, crafting international mother/father experiences, and parenting out loud. I'm committed to amplifying the feminine voice and curating feminine glory so that we (YOU and YOUR daughter) all live into a fierce and lovely story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each month, you have the opportunity to watch an interview with an expert, sign up for coaching with Beth, participate in a live discussion with your girls and other mother/daughter pairs, and get a downloadable curated guide that summarizes and offers prompts and ideas to engage with your daughter around the month's theme/ her glory/ and your story.

You will receive exclusive access to a private portal in which all of the recorded expert interviews, coaching calls, mother/daughter discussions, and curated guides will be housed. You can search by category (e.g. body image) and easily see what's new from the previous month. AND, there's an app so you can easily access it anywhere (e.g. while she's on the field.)

Every month that has a 5th Monday, we have a bonus Moms Only Live Zoom Chat.

You'll receive weekly announcements that tell you exactly which link to join and where to "find us" that week.

Great question!

Our general categories are:

Body Image (disordered eating, comparison)

Relationships (girlfriends, boyfriends, with mom or dad, etc.)

Sexuality (porn, LGBTQ, etc.)

Personality (Enneagram, Strengths Finders, etc.)

Culture (social media, things to know, etc.)

Mental Health (self-harm, anxiety, etc.)

But we'll listen to our members and adjust as needed!

The only thing you miss is the chance to  to build community in our mother/daughter or moms only calls. Other than that, you can watch the recordings at your convenience and learn from moms who are going through similar things.

Absolutely! This is for all women who are raising tween/teen girls. Sometimes, that means you're a Grandma, Aunt, Mentor, etc. If that's you, you are welcome here!

When you join, you will be billed $29 USD and then each month until you dissolve your membership.

Of course, I'd love for you to stay in our community, lending your own experience and wisdom and growing in connection with your own daughter. But, you can cancel anytime!

Why yes there is! My husband is the CEO of Restoration Project, a ministry to help me become better brothers and fathers. They offer No Regrets as monthly membership for fathering.

Friend, It's Time

Today's the day you choose community, connection, and confidence. You can be the mom she needs, but you don't have to do it alone.